Savings Calculator

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Nearly every implementation your business takes can help reduce your environmental impact – reducing emissions from energy production, reducing water usage, lowering heat output and more – but we know that what’s most important for most businesses is understanding the costs and payback involved.

You should know: significant reductions in energy use can be achieved by no-cost operational measures and low-cost upgrades, and a simple payback of zero to five years is considered core to the program.

The calculator is easy to use:

Just select your state and type of dealership, and input the approximate size of your facility.

Then review details and select relevant projects and actions you might take when you participate in the program. The calculator will add up potential savings based on your choices, and summarize your selections on the last page. Use the numbered squares to go back.

Where the data comes from: We’ve helped hundreds of dealers with thousands of projects over the past decade, projects where we know the real energy usage before and after, along with implementation costs.

Take action now to reduce your energy consumption

When you enroll in the Green Dealer Program your assessment will be totally customized – to your exact facility, your exact situation, the specific products, and the real payback you can expect.

Even better, our recommendations are drawn from expertise on thousands of projects we’ve helped with over the past decade.