Become a Green Dealer

Help the environment, and your business

Tailored Expert insights and guidance

Honda’s Environmental Leadership Program delivers a comprehensive energy-savings roadmap with projects small and large.

Our green dealer experts will show you how to increase energy efficiency year over year while reducing your environmental footprint. At the same time, we’re focused on helping you maximize cost savings.
  • Map and Plan EV Charger Installation

    We’ll help you plan and install EV chargers, with necessary energy management infrastructure to make sure your investment is future focused.
  • Monitor and analyze utility usage

    Use our utility platform to track energy consumption. We’ll help you validate project cost savings, verify efficiency of building systems, and determine if equipment repair or replacement is necessary.
  • Identify and make low-cost improvements

    As part of the program, we will provide a quick start to savings. Whether for existing facilities or new construction, we recommend low- or no-cost measures your staff can use for immediate results.
  • Plan and execute Energy-focused capital projects

    We will assess your business for over 30 best practices—including capital-intensive projects. We can create proposals and help select vendors for projects related to high-performance lighting, HVAC and insulation, renewable energy, and more.
  • Continuous Improvement Opportunities

    Receive on-demand energy and cost performance data. Engage with Green Dealer to identify new trends and improvement opportunities.

Making big impacts to your business

Participating dealers and distributors who follow the roadmap can see huge benefits to their bottom line. Our experts help you understand capital-intensive projects—what to do, how to do it, and can even help with vendor proposals, bid analysis, and recommendations.
Reduce energy used for
heating and cooling up to


Heating and Cooling

Heating and cooling accounts for approximately 50% of total dealership energy use. By upgrading to high-performance windows, doors, insulation and HVAC systems rated for your environment, you may reduce your total energy required for heating and cooling by 25%.


LED lights can consume 60-80% less electricity. When combined with automatic controls you can cut your lighting-related energy in half.
Cut lighting-related
energy used by


Reduce water usage by



Water consumption can be cut by 30-50%. Solutions include modern fixtures, smart irrigation systems and landscapes, alternative water sources, closed loop systems that recycle water with no wastewater discharge.

Renewable Energy

Offset energy use, and hedge against rate increases. Across the U.S., many dealers are implementing on-site renewable energy systems (Solar PV), or preparing “solar ready” roofs. Several of our dealers are electric grid neutral and produce more energy than they consume.
Strive for

Net Zero

See how much you can save

We know you’ll benefit from the Environmental Leadership Program’s assessment and recommendations for your business. To give you an idea of the savings you might see, we’ve built a calculator modeled from years of real-world data encompassing thousands of implemented projects.

Show off your commitment

By meeting energy usage targets and implementing our expert-recommended improvements, your business will save money, help the environment, and can earn recognition with a yearly Green Dealer Award.

How the program works

Step 1

Complete the Enrollment Agreement

Step 2

Assess Utility Usage and Facility Performance

Step 3

Connect Utility Data
(for Existing Facilities)

Step 4

Receive Expert Recommendations

A commitment to improvement

The Environmental Leadership Program is structured as a yearly assessment to optimize existing and new facilities in the areas of energy performance, water efficiency, and site practices. After enrollment, we’ll help you connect your utility data in our system, and then use our scorecard to evaluate and document your energy-saving practices and implementations. Utility data for facilities under construction is connected once the building is put into service. In future years, we’ll continue to help you improve and reduce energy consumption.

Our Scorecard guides your assessment

On the Green Dealer Portal you’ll benchmark your facility’s operational practices and provide documentation.

Get started today

Contact us for more information on how to enroll and what happens next. Our Green Dealer Experts are happy to provide whatever details you need to make the decision to participate in the best Environmental Leadership Program available. It’s worth it.