Environmental Leadership Program

Our experts help you optimize savings with energy-focused improvements

Since 2013, hundreds of authorized Honda and Acura dealers and distributors across the U.S. have joined the Environmental Leadership Program to reduce energy consumption and save money, while making green-focused facility upgrades.

Program members get expert help to

Plan and correctly install EV charging infrastructure
Implement simple energy efficiency practices
Track and evaluate 
ongoing utility savings
Invest in long-term capital improvement projects
Participating Dealers and distributors

Save an average of $20,000 per year

In just a few minutes our project calculator will give you a quick summary of what you could save across a variety of green practices and low-to-high cost upgrades. Our estimates are based on thousands of real projects.

Working together for the environment

Green dealers nationwide support Honda’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 20501
 Participating Dealers

How dealers reduce CO2 emissions

Honda's environmental commitment extends well beyond our fuel-efficient vehicles and products. Green Dealers take actions to measurably reduce their impact, in increasing amounts, year over year.
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High-performance lighting

The use of LED lighting in facilities and parking lots along with automation to minimize output when not needed, is a significant way to reduce energy use and associated greenhouse gases.


Efficient HVAC and insulation

Decreasing the amount of energy needed for climate control in dealerships comes from upgrading HVAC equipment and adding building insulation to meet or exceed regional standards.


Energy generated on site

Renewable energy investments through on-site Solar PV installation or purchase agreements can significantly reduce the electricity consumed from the grid. Several dealers are electric grid neutral, producing more energy than they need.


Yearly reductions toward 2050

The Green Dealer Program’s decarbonization roadmap will assist more dealers with more actions each year, helping Honda achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.


Green Dealers are everywhere

Over 600 dealers and distributors are part of the Environmental Leadership Program, recognizing their energy reductions and environmental performance throughout their facilities.

Why join the Environmental Leadership Program?

Over 40 Green Dealers have installed rooftop solar, offsetting their electricity usage by up to 100%!

Join us in our effort

Now more than ever is the time to take action and make a difference for the future of our planet.

If used properly, energy management systems can reduce energy costs by over 10%.
LEDs not only consume up to 80% less than metal halides, but they also look brighter to show off your vehicles and protect your dealership.